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- All areas of arterial and venous surgery, using both

  Conventional surgical techniques and minimally

  invasive endovascular techniques


- Arterial conditions related to carotid, aortic, and

  lower extremity diseases


- Venous conditions including varicose veins and

   venous insufficiency


- Lower extremity limb salvage


- Open and Endovascular hemodialysis access


- Minimally invasive endovascular surgery for the

  management of aortic aneurysms, lower extremity

  vascular disease, carotid disease, and venous disease


- Surgery for stroke prevention, carotid

  endarterectomy, carotid stenting, aortic aneurysms,

  lower extremity vascular reconstruction, and dialysis



- Pelvic congestion syndrome and pelvic venous



- Minimally invasive percutaneous closure of varicose



- Treatment of spider veins (laser and sclerotherapy)


- Wound care


- Benign and malignant chest and lung surgery


- Minimally invasive thoracic surgery VATS


- Benign and malignant mediastinal surgery

Meet our vascular or thoracic surgeon:

Dr. Mazen Hashisho, MD

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