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Urological Concerns Affect Everyone

Our Urologists provide a wide range of services to help diagnose and treat conditions of the urinary tract for both men and women, as well as the male reproductive system, including the following:

- Cancers of urinary tract (prostate, bladder, kidney)

- Complicated/recurrent urinary infections

- Diagnosis, treatment & prevention of kidney/bladder stones

- Erectile dysfunction

- Kidney and urinary system disorders

- Laser and shockwave lithotripsy

- Low testosterone

- Male/female incontinence evaluation and treatment

- Office cystoscopy, ultrasound, biopsy, bladder cancer therapy

- Overactive bladder

- Pelvic organ prolapse

- Prostate & voiding disorders

- Vasectomy, including no-scalpel vasectomy


For more information or to make an appointment, please call: 1-844-8COASTAL (1-844-826-2782)


Meet our Urologists:
Bretan, Peter N., Jr., M.D., FACS
Knorr, Andrew P., M.D.

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